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4th-Dec-2030 05:06 am - Doll FAQ
Aero - nyah
This is a FAQ about my personal BJDs, if there's something else you long to know just comment it and I'll update this!

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2nd-Apr-2020 05:24 pm - Feedback for LJ sales
Aero - nyah
I started selling/trading on LJ a bit so This is my feed back post!

Ebay: http://myworld.ebay.com/zombiezebradonkey
DenofAngels: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=246131
13th-Dec-2012 11:02 am - 12/12/12
Aero - nyah
So yesterday was a pretty bad day that ended better.

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27th-Jul-2012 02:26 am - Adventures in moving
A&9 - . . .
So I know I've been away for a while, but I still look here! I don't say much, but now I have a story. A story that is far from over and steadily getting worse. Behold, the Saga of the Hoarders and the House They Left Behind.

So let's back up. We were pretty satisfied with the apartment. Its had small flaws like it was a second floor and there was no washer/dryer hook up, but we worked it out and had a mystery neighbor who was NEVER HOME. Coffee liked to people watch the neighbors and we had pretty decent space. But Vonda was thinking about coming back to work on her Masters and she has two cats (Lady Fluffington and Norma Jean). So we kinda glanced at houses for rent off and on and Rhi mentions she found one on Craig's List we could drive by and see if it was worth calling. We've seen a lot of crap places.

Well we start out looking for Cherry and Rhi is having trouble figuring out where the street is and we end up seeing a For Rent sign outside a cute little house so we call them up and they say sure, come see in tonight. This is Sunday morning. We check it out and are looking around and they are ripping up the floor and carpet and painting and stuff like that. But it looks good and its a house with a basement that smells kinda musty but seems pretty dry (no puddles OMG!) and they point out a lot of things they are fixing and it all seems pretty good. The people who lived here for the last 5 years were pigs obviously since the bathroom has mold and crap all over, but they're fixing all that and replacing the kitchen floor and the dog ruined the carpet upstairs but that's already been taken out. So Thursday morning we are signing the contract and its ours starting the 1st of July. Yay! House with washer and dryer!

Problem the first. We are both working full time+ Rhi has overtime at her job and I'm working 40 hours at BB and like 20 min at Kohls. Almost the entire month. So we take time off and go about packing and using our few days off to bring some loads over to the house. And it rains 80% of the time. And there's almost always someone parked in our driveway.

Problem number 2. We set up for the movers to take the big stuff and pick up the things we need from storage; Washer, dryer, elliptical, mower... Until we call Dad and he says 'Oh, that's in the back of the storage unit.' The washer and dryer he thankfully put up front, but the rest is IN THE BACK. Because we didn't need it right then. So we have to get through all of their stuff. Awesome. Also in the back of the unit is apparently all of our moving boxes. So we are moving with laundry baskets, drawers, and grocery bags, but we are very limited on those so we start dumping stuff out to go get more.

And that sums up OUR problems.

Now starts the nightmare these people left us.

>They apparently left no forwarding address so we keep taking a stack of mail for 5 different people with 3 different last names to the PO.

>They were hoarders. There is crap shoved in the crawl spaces in the attic and soda cans filling a hole in the floor upstairs and little things just left everywhere in the house and yard.

>They were disgusting filthy people. This we knew from seeing the state of the bathroom, but there is food on EVERY CEILING and we had to have the carpet (its on the walls and not coming off) professionally cleaned. Not to mention taking down every light fixture to wash them from the years of caked on filth. We won't even talk about the dog poop molding in the basement under the stairs...

>They didn't care what they destroyed. There is a giant hole in the upstairs closet. The door up there has holes like a Velociraptor tried to claw its way out and they shot it through the door. Their dog clawed up the door to the basement. Every light fixture is broken at least partially.

>They took EVERYTHING with them. As in the stove, the fridge, the lightbulbs, dryer vent pipes. They left the dirt and food. Oh and their cat. He's cute tho.

>They were WONDERFUL people. As you can tell, they were probably very friendly. The gas guy came to turn on our gas prepared for an epic battle. He has been in such huge fights with these people he knew the address. And they ripped the gas meter off the side of the house so the guy has no idea where that is so he had to put on a new one. Possibly also broke the line for the hot water so we have none yet. They had a fight with DirecTV too and put a DishTV on the garage that was wired strangely. So we have two dishes...

I'm sure there will be more. Its a nightmare, but its our nightmare and I think once we're sorted it'll be ok. And The landlords are pretty good and reimbursing all that we pay for fixing/replacing things.
22nd-Jan-2012 01:52 am - Best weekend ever....
Aero - F U
So Rhi and I went to Nashville to visit Vonda and check out a job fair that sounded promising. From the get go the Universe was telling us to turn back, but we toughed it out when we shouldn't have.

Let's start with the morning we leave. So we are packing up the car and I'm doing some final prints of our resumes and Rhi comes in panicking and asks if my hands are warm because she needs to know if Nymh feels cold. Luckily the vet is in the direction we go so we pack him up too and decide to drop him at the vet so they can keep an eye on him for at least a couple days. Turns out the kid has pneumonia so he's in and out of an incubator on oxygen all weekend. At least he's getting better, but the fella is so shy its got to be a little stressful on his own. Templeton literally jumped with joy when we came home.

So anyway, while we're at the vet I have to run to Walmart to get Rhi a power cable for her Touchpad cause she forgot hers. Well I notice I hear something running when I turn off the car and realize its my computer. When its unplugged it goes into hibernation, but I figure its stuck doing something and can't or whatever cause I was using it just before we left. Nope, I open it up to a black screen announcing a failure and dumping something and I shut it off. I try to turn it on and not even a light anywhere. We ended up taking it to Best Buy in Nashville cause we needed other stuff there too, but as we get in the car to go I realize I forgot the power cord...Vonda has an HP too so the cords were compatible and the battery seems to have just been dead. No problems since so no idea what happened there.

So Job Fair...We're doing real good and nearly ready when I go to put my jacket on. See the job fair calls for pro style meaning jackets and suits and briefcases (their wording) and I have a cute Lane Bryant one I got for like $10 at Gabe's. However....on the way here a button came off and as we're looking, Rhi notices the security tag is still on...Swell. So Rhi and I hop in the car and On Star it to the nearest LB, buy me a jacket and book it over to the Fair. And it is the lamest thing I've ever seen. It was listed as at least 30 tables, but there's only 14, 6 of which are schools looking for new students. One is a door to door style job and one wants you to pay $130 to get your resume redone. We handed out like 1 resume and headed home.

That afternoon we did get some pretty awesome shopping in and the next day hit a couple more good stores. Rhi did stress shopping and I managed to get a few things I wanted pretty cheap. I woke up so sore the last day though and relocated to the too small couch for a bit and got a few more hours. So happy to sleep in my own bed tonight!

On the way home it went ok. I got a lot of reading in and all was going well until this cop pulled over a ways ahead of us. It was dark and we thought is was someone with a flat and slowed a bit, but we weren't even speeding. Anyhow we note its a cop and keep on going and he pulls back out and ambles along in the other lane for awhile. All the sudden he slides over behind us and lights go on. Rhi's plates are expired and he tells her she has to come to court on the first at 9am. This is over 2 hours away.

Nymh's still in the hospital too. and when I installed the drivers for my new Razer keyboard and rebooted my graphics card failed. So I plugged in the other and reinstalled the drivers and now.....neither graphics card is giving me a picture. Not to mention Photoshop won't install and Sai has errors happening like mad. Rhi said we can use all the points from our cards and buy Photoshop, but I'll see. I feel bad using all hers.
26th-Aug-2011 11:01 pm - No place like home
sad Len
Every day I'm here I remember why I left. Dad always harasses me and picks at me and goes out of his way to get e upset, then gets mad when I snap at him. All week I've been working on this project for a contest and he gives me crap about it and brings the dog in here specifically to irritate me because the dog has eaten multiple parts of it. I know other people have it worse with their families, but I can't deal with this. I can't go anywhere or do anything without him commenting negatively. I just want to leave, but I have no where to go. And we all know how well my spontaneous moving works out anyway. At least I have two jobs and its getting to be holiday season so with any luck I'll never be home anyway.
1st-Jul-2011 02:48 am - failure
Nine - fail
Have I ever made the right choice even once in my life? Or is this it. Will I just always have this great hindsight to see how much I messed up and where I went wrong. Will I always feel like I'm late to the party that everyone else is already enjoying. I didn't want to post anything else depressing, so sorry. Just try not to forget me while you're all out there being awesome.
26th-Jun-2011 10:54 pm - Feels like a dream
sad Len
The last week or so has felt not real. Its still carrying on today. We cleared out the room and brought all my stuff into the basement and some up to my room. I'm still feeling down and pretty tired.

I don't think I can apologize anymore. I keep starting to cry. Everything is falling apart and I'm just sinking.

Back to work. I only got the important bits together; bed, TV, computer. Now its time for dolls. And probably clothes. And a few of my craft stuffs.
24th-Jun-2011 02:18 pm - sad face
sad Len
Tomorrow Mum and Dad are coming to help me move. Its sad seeing all my stuff packed up because its only my stuff and all my spaces are so empty now. I did have fun here and it sucks it all turned out this way. I'm happy to get to see my family again, but I'm gonna miss my friends and the animals here. I'm trying to stay positive about it all, but I'm leaving my friend and the world's coolest cat and I didn't even get the job. I'm already screwed and if I let this get to me too much I'll lose it.

So....bye for now.
23rd-Jun-2011 04:01 am(no subject)
sad Len
I like to think I'm handling things well, but I'm not. I don't want to do this any more.

If you hadn't heard, I'm moving Saturday. We'll see how it goes. I'm still coping.
Aero - bored
Well afte my last post I hit the road and texted people in parking lots and called my mum. Her idea was actually that I pack up the important stuff and tell work adios and not come back after Monday if I wanted. So I thought on it while I ate fries and called her back like 30 minutes later. So I put in my 2 weeks last night and she's getting a U-haul and we're gonna pack it up and I'm gonna hope that TRU or the theater or School Specialty will take me back for the summer at least since Frontier doesn't start until August if I do get hired.

So now I gotta pack all the things and tape up some other things. At least I have little intention of unpacking most of this at the house so I will be 80% ready when Rhi lowers her expensive tastes to accommodate my cheap ones. Go team.
Aero - F U
The only thing I'm really any good at is being the bad guy. Well you know what, I'm done.

I'm done watching what I say around everyone else only to have them talk about how terrible I am to my face and making little comments about me when I'm standing there.

I'm done doing what will make everyone else happy. If you want to hate me and it makes you feel better to blame me then go ahead. I've done everything for everyone and I'm miserable even when I get something I want because other people are upset about it.

You know what I want? I want to go back to highschool. I want to tell everyone they can go to hell. I want to go to the school I picked, take the classes I wanted, and when I'm done I want to go to Japan for a year before they have earthquakes and tsunamis. When I come back then at least I'll be able to say I did what I wanted and maybe I'll be happy to keep following other people around and settling for what everyone else wants me to do because at least I'll have done the stuff *I* had planned on doing.

And this isn't directed at just one person. It is everyone in my entire life. Thanks, guys for all the support and help.
10th-May-2011 06:28 am - bloop
Aero - bored
I want a show for Moosh and Lionel. Tara is interesting, but she's too messed up. Even Kate is beyond my scope of relating 93% of the time. Moosh is just so painfully normal and yet messed up and he tries so hard. I understand Moosh. Plus now there's Noah and the teenage drama, I love it so.

My head is a mess.

For awhile there I was ok. At least functional. Then after Mum and Rhi left (maybe even before they came) I lost it again. I have these plushies I intended to sew and some mini cupcakes that need decorating. I can't find the ribbon for the bows we talked about me making anyway. I started Okami-den and was going good, but even that I've set aside and let myself get lost in Pixiv for a while. A long while.

I'm disappointed and tired and frustrated. Its all retarded little shit that means nothing. Its too late for everything. And all I need is what I'll never get. I can't even get a day.
21st-Apr-2011 07:43 am - The ballad of Creeper Bird
A&9 - . . .

This is Creeper Bird. He wants to wear me as a people suit. You laugh, but this is all truth. Although I think I've changed my opinion to he's a frickin retard. I'm not sure how he managed to find his way back North.

It starts at about 11am. I wake up to the sound of something tapping and hitting the window and a bird yelling. The bird is throwing himself at the window, the one tucked away in the corner under the porch. So I pull back the curtain and scare it away. Five minutes later its back. I go through this like 3 more times and every time it comes right back and attacks the window and yells. So I try to sleep anyway and ignore him, but that doesn't work so I give up and get up. He proceeds to start attacking the window over the couch too for awhile. Eventually it gets quiet and I'm making tea and I glance over and see this robin staring in the door window! Uh....creepy much? Well as the day progresses and after some errands I go into the bedroom and the bird starts throwing himself at the other window in there! And whenever I'd look out the window, there's a robin sitting in the yard near the edge of the concrete looking in. I went upstairs and I look out and the damn thing is in the tree looking at us!

Taisa comes home and I relate Creeper Bird to her and she laughs. And while I'm telling her I can see his shadow hopping around outside the window by my bed. We peek out and scare him away, but a bit later he comes back and she gets to hear him flailing too.

I had to work last night too and I come home to see Creeper Bird on the corner window sill tapping the window with his beak. That's where the photo is from. The reflection is only that good from the angled window inside the house that I was snapping the photos from too. I checked to see the reflections.

So now, its war. Taisa was in the bathroom getting ready and the whole time Creeper/Retard is attacking the window. I'm more annoyed now because I can't sleep with him yelling and hitting the window. So this is the plans ans results;

Plan A: Print an angry cat photo (http://www.animalsw.com/bulkupload/Cats/part2/Very%20Angry%20Cat.jpg) and tape it to the windows.

Retardo is confused but eventually realizes his mortal enemy is in the area around the angry cat.

Plan B: Black garbage bags over the outside of the window.

Retardo's mortal enemy is clever indeed, but this new camouflage is not fooling Retardo. Much. He makes a test attack on the force field, but it is strange. He must consult his officers.

Plan C: Reinforcements. Call Lt. Coffee Bean. She is a skilled assassin.

One reported injury thus far. General Edo may have broken her littlest toe. This hurts more than you'd think.
9th-Apr-2011 06:40 am - Big ol' catch up
Aero - nyah
ok so it was my birthday last week, I spent it in Arizona if there is anyone who reads this that didn't hear that. It was fun. I want to go back. But anyway this isn't about AZ because I haven't gotten the photos off my camera yet. The other thing my birthday signifies is the spring season of anime and this time it was gooooood.

Here we go!Collapse )
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