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Otaku Master of the ParaPara Clan's Dojo

Otaku no Renkinjutsushi!!

4 April 1983
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RayeRaye, also known as Edo, is one of the more unusual members that can be added to your party. To find her look in comic shops or arcades. Once you find her offer her books or toys and she will gladly join your party. (If you are out of these items pretty much anything shiny will work) RayeRaye is prone to the status ailment [Bored] and the best way to fix that is to equip her with the items [Sketchbook] and [0.5 Mechanical Pencil], but that will increase her likeliness to suffer from [Artist Block] and [I Suck] statuses. This is easily avoided by giving her books or toys though then its harder to get her to do anything. Don't be put off by her complicated and usually random nature. Ultimately giving her caffeine regularly is the best bet to keeping her a useful member of your party.